December 3, 2017

Victoria’s Secret takes Shanghai

Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro

The traditional Victoria’ Secret show, held it’s annual event this late November in the phenomenal country of China, within the capital of Shanghai. Where out of 55 models to walk the famous runway show, almost half of whom were women of colour, and 17 of those models were black.Not only was this such a beautiful/brilliant step forward for women of colour, but it’s also persuasive attribute to move the fashion world forward in diversity. And we cannot wait to see which designers follow in this shows remarkable footsteps.


Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes

Like every televised show they did have some hiccups along the way, with allegedly some models and individuals unable to get the Visa necessary to be involved in the show, but apart from that, the show mastered its previous stunners.

Expert Angel Lais Ribeiro wore the Fantasy Bra, named this year as the Champagne Bra who simply wowed the audience with wearing such an unbelievable garment, but whose grace and genuine, humble nature shone through the entirety of the show.

The actual event aired on television a few nights ago, and even by Victoria’s Secrets standards it was high, the collaboration with Balmain not only broadened the audience members who viewed the entire collection but also created a further style direction for the company.

The 2017 collection was unique and does show that VS, is once again the fairest lingerie brand among them all.

Victoria's Secret Show 2017

Victoria’s Secret Show 2017

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey