August 17, 2017

Update on Skin and Pepper

The hum of traffic travelled by, as the pedestrian buzzer loudly indicated it was safe to go across. The car parks surrounding the building seemed to be all a maximum of two hours, and the native wildlife consisted of scavenger like birds preying on passer-bys. It was last Thursday that we found ourselves in Collingwood. Amongst it all.

The Commons, which is where our creative space is located, has a studio with which we hired out for some much-needed fun with a few cameras and our beloved talent.

The Commons

The day began with the setup, which included admiring the vast white, yet completely blank space while eating chocolate biscuits provided to us so generously by The Commons.

Makeup was set up in the adjacent room, with the light bulbs spread evenly across the mirrors, illuminating the bench space which was big enough to hold every shade of eyeshadow ever created.

The Common's Studio Make-up room

By now it was 9:00 am, and the drip coffee was dripping, the music was flowing, and the crew were ready to begin.

The day consisted of five of our models, each having different call times for makeup and hair. With the talent choosing their own outfit, they dressed authentically like themselves.

The energy within the space was refreshing, with everyone’s uniqueness coming through on the set. Dancing and story telling was one of the main themes for the talents to divulge in, but then so was the obligatory Instagram post.

The Common's studio

Overall the day went extremely well, and we at Skin+Pepper cannot wait to show you what is installed for our next chapter.

Footage of the event will be on display as soon as we can make it available.

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey