May 31, 2017

The trend we can’t get enough of – Embroidered details


Embroidered details are the trend of the season and quite frankly I’m a little in love. Sweet embroidered patterns add that little bit of wow factor to an otherwise plain staple piece.

But when it comes to trends, it can be easy to get swept up in the moment and go totally embroidery crazy until your wardrobe is filled completely with the stuff. The only problem with this is come next season when you can’t stand to look at another piece of floral embroidery, these pieces all end up in the plastic bag on the way to your local op shop.

But this doesn’t mean that you should refrain from wearing on trend clothes altogether. We all love a little something new in our wardrobes, but this doesn’t always have to mean forking out your hard earned cash on something you’ll wear only three times. Instead, take a peak inside the darkest depths of your wardrobe and pull out a piece you haven’t worn in  a while. Now it’s time to get creative and make this old piece new again with a little bit of personalised detailing.

Here are some of the best pieces that are well deserving of an embroidered revamp.


Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 1.24.41 pm

Soft silky blouses are a great one to experiment with because you can really play with the textures. Sheer fabric against solid, floral embroidery makes for a great statement piece that can be dressed up or down – with a pencil skirt for the office or jeans for the weekend.


Leather Jacket

dzz54674_black_xl_3 (1)

Personalised jackets are back in and while we might have ditched the rhinestoned denim, embroidery is a sophisticated way of adding something daring to the look. Floral meets edgy with this piece – the perfect addition to that LBD.




Duster jackets are a must for Autumn weather but the plain old neutral colours can become a little boring. An embroidered detail on the front pocket can quickly add some excitement to the piece without making it too loud. It’s the perfect match for an all-black ensemble.


Embroidered sweat pants

dzz58335_rose_xl (1)

Comfort meets style. Now this is a great way to give your casual trackie dacks an upgrade. I never would have thought to leave the house with my lounge pants on – unless of course it was a quick sprint to the super market – but this cute detail makes them a little too stylish to just be stuck at home.


Gucci loafers


Well this one isn’t really an item that you can customise – unless you’re game enough to go near your thousand dollar Guccis with a hot glue gun – but you can hardly write a piece on beautiful embroidery details without mentioning this brand. These are the sort of shoes that you save up for all season and buy with 2 months worth of pay check. But it’s okay because this isn’t buying into a trend, rather Gucci is a fashion investment!

– Stephanie Riordan