June 4, 2018

The new trend: Showing off what’s underneath


What was once seen as a fashion faux pas has become all the rage on the runways and red carpets – showing off your underwear. The term VPL (Visible Panty Line) once feared, has now become a trend seen on some of the world’s most fashionable ladies. And we’re not talking barely-there g-strings either. The latest fad in lingerie has taken influence from a more vintage/Brigette Bardot look with bralettes and full-coverage high briefs taking centre stage,

And with awesome lingerie brands on the rise, eg. Lonely Lingerie and Rihanna’s Fenty X Savage, who have actually focussed on more inclusive, feminist and mainstream collections, it’s no surprise that women want to show off what’s underneath. It’s something to be proud of. 

Along with showing off what’s underneath, it’s only natural that sheer mesh textures and delicate lace have joined the rising trend. Feminine, delicate and beautiful. this is the trend we’re very quickly falling in love with.


So why do we love this trend so much? Because it’s flattering, high briefs accentuate a smaller waist and emphasize the natural curve if the feminine silhouette, while the gentle support of a non-padded bralette keeps the figure looking slim and balanced. The trick to nailing the underwear as outerwear look is finding something a bit more elevated than everyday.

While this isn’t necessarily a trend we’re going to pull of in our everyday outfits, there are ways to incorporate the trend more modestly. Let a little lace show beneath a plunging neckline or wear your favourite bra beneath a sheer blouse. And get those spanx out from the underwear drawer, because now you’re going to want to show them off.

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