June 29, 2016

The Epic Nandi Mngoma

Nandi Mngoma

The BET Awards on Sunday night were a sight; there were amazing and inspiring people celebrating their amazing achievements, and their outfits were no exception. One person, however, shone on the red carpet. Nandi Mngoma.

Nandi, 28, was born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has been passionate about the arts since she was eight years old, winning Miss Junior South Africa. She is an actress, singer, television presenter and designer. There is nothing that Nandi cannot do, and this is proven every time she announces her latest endeavours.

Nandi made her big break into the social scene at the age of fifteen, where she became a TV host for the SABC2 pre-teen show Bling in 2004.

She made a name for herself in the music industry too, having released her first single Tonight in 2011, as well as becoming a music producer and musician.

Nandi at the BET Awards

Nandi at the BET Awards, in her own design for her label, “Colour”

At the red carpet for the BET Awards, she wore an awe-inspiring black and white dress, with a fitted and flared corset and a mermaid tail. Designed herself, it was worn to promote her new fashion label that will launch during AFI Fashion Week in August this year.

Her new label, “Colour”, will not be restricted to a certain theme or concepts. However, she will focus her designs on different textures and fabrics, challenging the status quo and breaking the rules.

She is also inspired by African fashion and print styles, which is a major influence in her designs, “…our focus will be on African designs.” Nandi told the Sunday Times, “I’m in love with African tropical prints and chocolate tones,”.

This is not the first time Nandi has collaborated with designers to create her own label. In 2014, she and brand LEGiT created a stunning collection of swimwear and summer outfits, designed to make all women feel good in their own skin. The label, “In My Skin”, was designed for women who want to celebrate their body and love the skin they are in. Nandi also released a single of the same title as part of the promotion.

Nandi for LEGiT 2014

Nandi Mngoma for “In My Skin” collaboration with LEGiT, 2014

With a great reception from her last collaboration, it’s easy to see why she has continued down the path of fashion design.

E! News and Elle US raved about Nandi’s extraordinary dress at the BET Awards, naming her the best dressed at the awards. It’s easy to see why, Nandi Mngoma is just as talented and extraordinary as she is stunning.

We are looking forward to seeing the rest of “Colour”, and what else is in store for this amazing woman!

By Ally Feiam