October 28, 2017

The Best of Halloween- Beyoncé Addition

Halloween is just around the corner and unlike us Aussies who are stuck in the struggle of celebrating this frightful night in the entirely wrong season. We as a nation have decided to accept this weird situation and commemorate it when all the Northern countries do, which is the 31st of October.The night is a blast for many, with a few events springing up around OZ that includes oodles of lollies, costumes, and the usual trick or treats. It’s honestly a magical night. So this blog post is dedicated to Queen Bey’s best Halloween costumes from the past because we all know she wins this celebration. Hopefully, this will keep us all inspired for the upcoming day.

Beyoncé dressing up as Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter. She is noted for her brightly colored self-portraits, which were influenced by primitive Mexican art.


The family rocked their outfit inspired by Coming To America, with Beyoncé being Queen Aoleon of Zamunda. The attention to detail of each character’s costume was beautifully intricate and powerfully worn.

Beyonce and Family

The pair incorporated their darling daughter to create a Ken and Barbie doll-like family, the sass involved was fabulous in this family photo.

Beyonce and Jay-z

Dressing up with your child has never been as fun when Halloween is involved. Blue Ivy stunned the masses as Michael Jackson and her mum, Beyoncé went as Janet Jackson.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Hopefully, these examples of Beyoncé winning at Halloween inspire you to take up the task of creating a killer outfit for the upcoming thrilling night. Trick or treat lovelies.

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey