November 27, 2017



Christina by Alannah B and Alain

The next generation of fashion designers from the Institute of RMIT debuted their first collections and further experienced their very own joint exhibition.The event occurred at the RMIT address, in the textiles department in Brunswick. The event was awarded the name Fusion and the designs were made by students obtaining either an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology or a Diploma of Fashion Styling.

Alannah B and Alain

Alannah B and Alain

Opening the doors just shy of 6:30 pm encouraged an entourage of bloggers, aspiring designers, and influencers alike. The exposed space, allowed different sections of designs to be displayed, with huge overreaching windows providing the natural light the clothes desired.

Light refreshments were catered for, but the organza of appetisers would send any food critique into a frenzy of attempting to try every dip, cheese and nut section.

The showcase encouraged a relaxed walk around, with racks of clothes structured against the wall, lookbooks on display on wooden blocks and further photos of models wearing the designs strategically blue-tacked to the concrete walls.

Cyndell Di Mauro

Cyndell Di Mauro

Each student had their very own take on the theme and displayed that through their workbooks, with intrinsically drawn designs and ideas bursting from each of the pages.

The highlight was seeing those hand-drawn designs, making it to the final stage and sitting right there on the rack in all their glory. Perfectly stitched, sewn or measured. As if the student heart and soul was in each individual garment.

RMIT’s excellence in providing these exhibitions not only is spectacular for the students to launch their designs but to also provide us, onlookers, a chance to oversee the next generation of clothing.

And yeah, it’s looking pretty fabulous.

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey