August 7, 2018

PSA: Beyonce is taking over Vogue


According to reports, Beyoncé has been given ‘unprecedented control’ over the cover of Vogue’s next  issue. Beyoncé, a loud and proud advocate for black creatives, reportedly only agreed to go on the cover of the prestigious fashion mag if she was given full creative control of the photoshoot.

And being the incredible woman she is, she’s used this power to show off black excellence to the world. For the first time in Vogues 126-year history, an African American photographer is shooting the cover. 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell will photograph Queen B for the September issue, traditionally its biggest and most anticipated volume of the year. With a portfolio of campaigns for the likes of Givenchy and Marc Jacobs under his wing, we’re pretty excited to see what this dream team produce.

Tyler speaks openly about his journey within the industry:

“I was always mentally placing myself in relation to others and very conscious of my blackness. There’s a form of what I can only describe as ‘racial schizophrenia’ that goes on in the mind of an adolescent boy,” wrote Mitchell in his artist’s statement for the exhibition. “I am synthesizing what I see to be a full range of expression possible for a black man in the future.”


Beyonce hasn’t appeared on a Vogue September issue cover since 2015, when she famously declined participating in an interview – a bold move previously unheard of for cover stars. It’s been reported that she won’t have an interview in the 2018 edition either because when you’re as sassy and confident as Beyonce you can do whatever the hell you want.

Thank you Beyonce for being a trailblazing game-changer leading the way for another incredible black artists!