April 16, 2018

Our 3 favourite trends from Coachella 2018

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It’s that time of year again. The event where it is perfectly acceptable and somewhat expected that celebrities and common folk alike pull out their most expressive and bizarre festival outfits for the music festival of the year, Coachella.

While we can’t all be living out the wardrobe choices of our more eccentric alter-ego at Coachella this year, we can incorporate these rather radical style cues into our own wardrobes. Here are the top 3 trends we’re loving from this year’s outfits and how you can style them into the everyday.

All the frills…

This is a trend that we’re seeing come through both at festivals and on the street. While frills used to be a little too 1800’s, they’re making they’re way back and quite frankly we’re loving it.

They add a little extra point of interest to every outfit. Beautiful bell sleeves with fills or frilled flare pants; whatever your style, there’s always room for a little extra frill.


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Bralettes are the new tops

What once would have been deemed underwear, bralettes are becoming more and more acceptable and outerwear pieces. Whether it’s active chic or bondage inspired styles, Coachella attendees were baring it all in the name of fashion.

While we might not all be bold enough to strut the bralette on its own down the street, it can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe as a cute peek-a-boo look. Wear them beneath plunging necklines or low cut shirts for casual-but-not-too-risque style.

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Sheer everything

The perfect companion to a beautiful bralette, the all sheer look was a winner at Coachella this year. Full length flowing shapes contrasted the barely-there look to reveal what was beneath.

While showing off your bloomers may not be acceptable for everyday wear just yet, a sheer blouse or shirt is all the rage at the moment. Pair it with a beautiful lace bralette and you’ll have the perfect ensemble.

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