December 29, 2017

Makeup Trends for the Festive Season


Strashme-Instagram Artist


The week has been full of presents, over-eating and family events. But getting ready for special occasions is something that has always appealed to myself and many other Christmas/New Year party lovers.

You see, these days it doesn’t just stop with Christmas inspired clothing or the themed hair accessories. No, these days, more importantly, creating the perfect holiday party look requires creating the ultimate festive face to match.

Now, like most St Nick seasons, the colours are the traditional red, green, gold and silver, so the full makeup appearance should feature these warranted, yet vibrant colours.

Here are a few exciting trends that evolved for this years Santa enthused parties, that may occur again as the New Year celebrations soon begin.

The main objective of most of the styles is to create Christmas/New Year artwork that can be drawn on the eyelids, lips or further for the daring the full face coverage. Wow.

Stashme-Instagram Artist


The Christmas Tree Brows. Basically, the style is performed by dividing the brow and fanning out sharp sections into a zigzag pattern, to essentially form the branches of a Christmas tree. Then, to follow with either coloured Christmas bauble, sparkles, possibly painted on lights- and to top the tree off, a sparkling gold star.

Following that style, is an eye-lid extravaganza. Where individuals create their own festive lids, best suited for this glorious time of year.

This season has seen Grinch costume makeup, full-fledged art that made spectators jealous.

Delaney Frahm- Makeup artist

Delaney Frahm- Makeup artist

Still, we’ve got time for more, so keep your eye’s peeled on social media in the following days to see the creative minds bring to life the Christmas and New Year spirit with the use of makeup.

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey