June 25, 2017

Makeup products for beautiful black skin

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Unfortunately, it’s a reality of the beauty industry that black women often don’t have the same diverse range of products and options. The likes of Naomi Campbell and Leomie Anderson, along with other influential game-changers, have called out the beauty industry for their inability to include black women.

Leomie tweeted: “Why can a white model confidentially sit in anyone’s chair and feel confident they’ll look okay but black models have to worry? We need more makeup artists and hair who are competent with all races backstage at shows.”

And it’s not just professional black models who are feeling hard done by either.

If you’re browsing through the makeup stores and counters and department stores, you may have noticed something missing. Black women have always found it difficult to find cosmetics that meet their beauty needs. Most makeup brands don’t go dark enough while others lack the colours that will be effective on dark skin.

So here are just a few of the brands who are actually getting it right.


Black Up

Black Up is a makeup brand for people of colour based in Paris and shipping to Australia. The makeup line is best known for it’s incredible contour palettes – a product that’s normally pretty difficult to find for darker skin.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury offers 15 shades of mixable foundations, so you’re bound to find a shade or blend that matches your skin tone. This brand also does an amazing job of displaying their lipsticks. Each lipstick shade sold on the website has pictures of the colour on 10 different skin tones.

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This brand is for women of all ethnicities and skin tones. The foundations, concealers and powders all come in a wide range of of colours but what sets this brand apart from the rest are the incredible eyeshadows. Both the powders and sticks come in bold jewel tones that look amazing on darker skin tones.

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Cover FX

Cover FX is new on the scene and aims to deliver a natural-looking finish for every skin. Its hero product is the custom drops. You can add these to your moisturisers and sunscreen to create a BB cream-style blend for extra coverage that will match your skin tone perfectly.

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– Stephanie Riordan