August 22, 2017

Layering, velvet and fishnets: all things that must go as soon as the warm weather hits Melbourne.

August is almost over, and the spring sun is going to subsequently pop through the clouds anytime now and put our winter trends into last seasons history. So for the time being let us reminisce before the last hurrah.



It’s a wintery thing, everyone knows it, and I’m sure most people love it. When you get the technique right and pull it off, you do feel boss-like.

Most people use coats or puffer jackets, a cardigan and even throw a dress with jeans on underneath to achieve this look. But for some, it’s just as simple as the stacking on similar colour clothing tones or possibly wearing a pair of socks with a standard heel.



This very fabric has come to rise again from it’s fallen ashes of the early 2000’s era, and boy have we loved it. It showcased in every possible clothing item from shirts to wide legged work pants, in a range of colours that can display a corporate or festival-indie vibe.

The comfiness of this attire is underrated and can serve as day clothing or further something to slip into for sleep/night clothing- we love it.

Model in Velvet


Ah, the nets have come back from the 90’s sultry era, and now have been worn as more of a classier, upper fashion garment. Pairing the look with jeans adds a beautiful layering technique that is seen as daring to the fashion eye. Some people opt for more of the groovy vibe of the fishnets, by wearing it with a with a night dress or possibly dare to wear the stockings with a pair of denim shorts.

Some people opt for more of the groovy vibe for the fishnets, by wearing them with a night dress or possibly a pair of denim shorts for more of a bold statement.

Vogue Photo


By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey