October 22, 2017

Fiction Crime Thriller Starring Our Very Own Wally

Sunshine just aired it’s first two episodes, and wow we are reeling! Without giving too much away, the storyline is set in the working class suburb of Sunshine, Victoria. With the latest results from the Bureau of Statistics explaining Sunshine to be the town that has become the home for a community of Sudanese refugees, escaping their worn-torn country for the western area of Melbourne.In the new SBS series, it follows the life of Jacob Garang who is played by Wally Elnour, a South Sudanese-Australian teenager who is hoping to be scouted as a basketball player for the USA along with his teammates Deng, Santino, and Dazzler. To improve his chances Jacob persuades a retired NBA player into coaching the Sunshine Kings basketball team, however complications arise along the way.

Director Daina Reid said, “Sunshine has been one of the most exciting, challenging and uplifting projects I have ever worked on. When the scripts came to me, I was a little daunted. I was taking on the responsibility of telling the story of another culture’s experience in Australia – a culture that, at the time, I had very little experience with.”

The culture experience came across so well because of the assistance from Ez Eldin Deng, the Cultural Consultant on site. Ez is an accomplished Director, Writer and Producer, who can now add an accreditation from the works of Sunshine on his list. Without him the TV drama would likely not have had the same authentic representation of the South Sudanese community.

Sunshine Promo Image

With its culturally diverse storyline and a fantastic production team behind it, it’s no wonder The Guardian Australia classified the television series as, “one of the stand out Australian TV shows of the year.”

Although this is a fantastic television show in its own right, we are particularly excited about this new series as it stars our very own talent Wally Elnour. With a history in basketball and great skill, he was a shoe-in for the position of Jacob.

After celebrating his 20th birthday just last week, Wally has big hopes for the future.  He wants to continue further with his acting career and hopes to be in a Hollywood blockbuster with Denzel Washington. His passion for the screen has also filtered into beginning a modelling career, which he hopes will broaden his career aspects for the future.

Accompanied by a great charismatic nature and passion for what he loves to do, we are sure Wally’s future will be an extremely successful one and have more sunshine along the way!

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey