April 19, 2017

Festival style at this year’s Coachella


For the fashion lovers of the world, Coachella is as much about the clothes as it is the lineup of music artists. This music festival is perhaps the biggest in the world and celebrities near and far gather to show off just how stylishly crazy they can be.

For anyone who couldn’t make it to the festival of the year, I feel you. There was some serious style-envy on my part and the only solace was scrolling through my social feeds liking all the pictures of amazing outfits I could find.


April 18, 2017

Liya Kebede on diversity in the fashion industry


Liya Kebede recently spoke out about how she wants to see more diversity in fashion advertisements. Because don’t we all!

The Ethiopian-born model rose to fame when she first walked the runway for Gucci’s Fall/Winter collection back in 2000. Since then, the talented lady has done campaigns for huge international brands such as Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.


April 12, 2017

Edward Enninful – British Vogue’s newest Editor-in-Chief


Edward Enninful, the current Fashion and Creative Director at W Magazine, will be appointed as the next editor for British Vogue. Can we all take a moment to fully appreciate this historic moment in fashion history?As a black, openly gay man, his appointment is certainly a step in the right direction.

Edward was born in Ghana and settled in London with his parents and five siblings as a child. At the age of 16, he was scouted as a model and by 18, he had become the youngest fashion director to ever work for an international publication. This was just the beginning of his influential career in the fashion industry.


April 10, 2017

Street wear with attitude


Lazy Oaf is a British label we’ve only just discovered and we’ve instantly fallen in love with this super cool, rebellious street label.

It’s no surprise that the mastermind behind this killer brand is an illustrator and graphic designer by trade. Founding the brand fresh out of University back in 2001, Gemma Shiel has taken Lazy Oaf from hand printing t-shirts in her father’s garage to owning a boutique in London’s Soho, managing a booming online retail store and over 250 stockists across the world.


April 5, 2017

Lonely Label – Making lingerie feminist

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.13.53 pm

For far too long lingerie has been synonymous with male desire. But feeling sexy and confident shouldn’t be about what men like, it should be about empowering women and loving their beautiful bodies. And Lonely Lingerie have got this down pat.

The great thing about the New Zealand brand is that they fuse together comfort and feminine aesthetics. No ugly granny panties here, but better yet, the brand stands by a philosophy of no underwires and g-strings (because these things are seriously uncomfortable!).


March 30, 2017

New technology changing the way we see our wardrobe


Have you ever thought about the journey your clothing has been on? Where did your jeans come from and who picked the cotton in the t-shirt you’re wearing? The rapidly growing industry of fast fashion has been a hot topic in the fashion industry of late and it’s left consumers wondering where the hell they’re clothes are coming from.

Until now, there really hasn’t been any regulation for the production of clothing in Australia, or around the world, so most fashion brands haven’t been transparent in where they’re clothes are coming from.


March 26, 2017

Colette’s fashion campaign is changing lives


When it comes to fashion, we hear a lot about what the industry has done wrong. Whether it’s the lack of diversity, issues around sustainability or misconduct from industry professionals, I often find myself struggling to find the balance between my love for fashion and my own values.

Fortunately, the industry isn’t all doom and gloom and accessories brand Colette by Colette Hayman is here to prove it. Last week, the brand launched their Make Fashion Happen campaign, featuring four new pompom key rings available for sale. The pink, grey, black and blue keyrings are supporting Australian charities with 100% of the proceeds going towards good causes.


March 22, 2017

LonDunn is the fashion collaboration for every girl

A look from the Lon Dunn x Missguided debut collection

A look from the LonDunn x Missguided debut collection

Jourdan Dunn has collaborated with the online retailer Missguided to produce the LonDunn collection, a 96-piece streetwear label. It’s not the first time we’ve seen celebrities team up with iconic street wear brands this year – Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma and Yeezy x Nike – but there’s something seriously special about Jourdan’s LonDunn collection.

In this chic street collection, you can expect to find velour tracksuits, puffer coats, oversized jumpers, hoodie bodysuits, mesh hoodies and bodycon pencil skirts with drawstring waistbands. The brand has it all covered. Unlike other celeb collaborations, this line is totally affordable with all piece under $120. This isn’t just fashion for the A-listers but the everyday girl.


March 19, 2017

VAMFF Premium Runway 5


Fashion week is all about the style and this year VAMFF was no exception. The festival wrapped it up last night for its final runway show, but I was still dreaming about my amazing experience at Premium Runway 5 on Saturday night.

The runway show was held at the Royal Exhibition Centre, which in itself as a venue is a work of art. Walking into the venue, is almost like walking past a catwalk. Women dressed in so many different ways are parading around, excited for the show to come. You could honestly skip the ticket for the show altogether and watch the style that flocks in.


March 16, 2017

Everything you need to know about Alexa Chung’s fashion app


I cannot believe I’ve lived without this app in my life up until now. Alexa Chung, a fashion brand unto herself, created an app that is a must-have for everyone that wears clothes… or at least everyone that loves them.

Probably the best way to describe it is a cross between Pinterest and Instagram. Much like these websites, it’s a photo sharing platform. You upload your own photos, create mood boards of other people’s style and my personal favourite, it offers a click to buy option -further fuelling my online shopping addiction.