July 17, 2016

Alek Wek: The Game-Changer

Alek Wek Vogue

Alek Wek is one of the biggest names in fashion. She re-defined beauty standards, challenged the status quo and created a more diverse industry. Alek Wek is a game-changer. (more…)

July 13, 2016

10 Most Influential Male Style Icons


There have been many style icons in the world; fashionable outfits come and go, but nothing can compare to the timeless and the most unique artists and stars that are presented in this list: the top 10 most influential male style icons.


July 10, 2016

The Fearless Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita Nyong’o is one of the brightest stars in the world right now. An Oscar winner, Tony nominee and model, Lupita Nyong’o is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and that is exactly what she’s doing, and no one is going to stop her.


June 29, 2016

The Epic Nandi Mngoma

Nandi Mngoma

The BET Awards on Sunday night were a sight; there were amazing and inspiring people celebrating their amazing achievements, and their outfits were no exception. One person, however, shone on the red carpet. Nandi Mngoma.


June 19, 2016

Idris Elba, the Brightest Star

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is one of the most talked about actors in the industry. With rumours of him becoming the first black James Bond, his collaboration with Superdry and being named one of 2016’s Time Most Influential People, it’s no surprise that Idris Elba is one of the most sought-after and most loved talents of his time.


June 15, 2016

Instagram: A Fashion Revolution

Ralph Souffrant

Social media has a lot to do with the changing fashion industry that we see today. A lot has changed for the world of fashion in the past ten years, and a lot of it has to do with the use of social media and the power of change behind Instagram.


June 12, 2016

The 10 Most Influential Style Icons

Styles and trends come and go, but style icons are forever. They influence and inspire designers, artists, photographers and anyone with their clothes, and their iconic looks. Timeless, effortless and bold, here are ten of the most influential style icons, from the 1920s all the way to 2016.


June 8, 2016

Winnie Harlow: Changing the Face of the Fashion Industry


Winnie Harlow

The ever-developing fashion industry wasn’t prepared for the unstoppable and beautifully unique model that is Winnie Harlow. With her distinctive features and no sign of slowing down, there’s no doubt that she is the future of fashion, and it’s time the fashion industry had a change.


June 5, 2016

Zendaya: Girl On Fire


The average teenager’s issues include doing their homework, working a part-time job and making friends. However, for teenage celebrities, their issues range a little bit further; they have to maintain lives in front of the camera, trying their best to be a role model for their fans and staying on top of the style game is challenging, and many can’t live up to the challenge. Not Zendaya, though.


May 29, 2016

The Unstoppable Olivier Rousteing


The House of Balmain. It is one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion industry. In recent years, it would be a rare occasion to see any red carpet event without the sight of Balmain. None of this would be possible without the genius of Olivier Rousteing. (more…)