June 8, 2016

Winnie Harlow: Changing the Face of the Fashion Industry


Winnie Harlow

The ever-developing fashion industry wasn’t prepared for the unstoppable and beautifully unique model that is Winnie Harlow. With her distinctive features and no sign of slowing down, there’s no doubt that she is the future of fashion, and it’s time the fashion industry had a change.


June 5, 2016

Zendaya: Girl On Fire


The average teenager’s issues include doing their homework, working a part-time job and making friends. However, for teenage celebrities, their issues range a little bit further; they have to maintain lives in front of the camera, trying their best to be a role model for their fans and staying on top of the style game is challenging, and many can’t live up to the challenge. Not Zendaya, though.


May 29, 2016

The Unstoppable Olivier Rousteing


The House of Balmain. It is one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion industry. In recent years, it would be a rare occasion to see any red carpet event without the sight of Balmain. None of this would be possible without the genius of Olivier Rousteing. (more…)

May 13, 2016

The End of an Intern.

Tami Williams and Kai Newman with Tommy Hilfiger

Tami Williams and Kai Newman with Tommy Hilfiger

As a faceless typist who exists mostly, if not entirely, behind a computer screen, it would be easy to slip away going unnoticed. But, as my internship comes to an end, I felt it was only fair to make mention – no –  make a fuss about my time at Skin+Pepper and all the great experiences that I get to leave with. Truthfully, my little intern business cards have shot to the top of my list of most prized possessions very quickly, but it’s not the physical mementos that have been the best take aways, but the lessons learned through experience that maybe one day, if I’m lucky, might be useful towards a career. (more…)

May 5, 2016

The Rise and Rise of Edward Enninful.


Lauded as one of the most influential names in fashion, Ghanian-born, London-bred Edward Enninful now has almost thirty years of experience in the industry under his belt, but that’s not cause to rest on his laurels, he says. As the fashion and style director of W Magazine since 2011, Enninful has reshaped the publication into an edgy social commentary, underpinned by his distinctive aesthetic and of course, a powerful voice on the subject of diversity in fashion.  (more…)

April 20, 2016

Fashion Revolution Week



Have you joined in on the Fashion Revolution? A British based campaign running for the week of the 18th to the 24th of April aims to shine a light on the global fashion supply chain, and put into perspective the impact that the production of garments makes. We all joined in on the Fashion Week festivities around the globe, it’s time to be a part of something that creates real global change. (more…)

April 17, 2016

Spotlight on Edem

Art by Edem Badu

Art by Edem Badu

For a start-up company such as ours, it takes the combined effort of passionate creatives with a common goal. Edem Badu has been involved with Skin+Pepper since it’s conception, helping to create our brand identity through her striking graphics and more than that, her honest and personal investment in the company. Her story is one of personal discovery, coming into the field of graphic design by way of exploring her own identity and culture – a mission that we share.  (more…)

April 13, 2016

On Location.

File 14-04-2016, 5 15 44 AM

Kelleyann photographed by Sam Wong

One of the major draws of a career in fashion that always seems to be mentioned is the opportunity to work with diverse teams of creatives from all disciplines. Inspiration comes in many forms, but as an aspiring writer and chronic people-watcher, there’s nothing quite like observing a collaborative work environment where the energy is flowing and rebounding and focused towards one common goal – and that’s what photoshoots are all about. (more…)

March 31, 2016

What to Expect at an Open Call.


Skin+Pepper is excited to announce our Open Casting Call for models, to be held on the 11th of April in Melbourne, Australia. Think you have what it takes? Come along! Here’s what to expect on the day: (more…)

March 24, 2016

Spotlight on Elysha.

Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants

Skin+Pepper is a startup agency, born out of passion for a cause and an urgent need for change in the industry. We firmly believe that the work we do will be a catalyst for more diverse racial representation in the fashion industry, particularly in Australia where it is especially lacking.

However, to make change in such an established industry, logical and organised minds are as essential as passion and creativity. There will always be meetings to arrange, locations to be booked and many, many factors to coordinate.

Enter Elysha.

Having been on board for the longest of all the interns, our Executive Assistant is Agency Director, Debra Ojumu’s right hand, a super organised technology wizard and all around legend. (more…)