October 7, 2017

ASOS and it’s Fabulous Facelift

ASOS has had a facelift, and by facelift, I mean a beauty lift. Let me indulge you on the sites new make-over and the new products that are now in stock.

The universal online British retailer already caters to the majority of sizes, see’s no skin colour prejudice or further any gender bias. The company has also just recently opted for a no photoshopping policy on all models photographed in their campaigns. However, with all these milestones conquered it seems to have not discouraged the great ASOS company from launching a brand new makeup line, with every item within it being under thirty dollars.

ASOS Face + Body

ASOS has always sold all our favourites brands, from sturdy staples like Nyx to the once a month -payday- little splurges like the Rimmel London brand. But now with their very own affordable line, it’s going to make it harder for online shoppers to attempt to leave the site!

ASOS makeup collection

The website launched it’s new collection on the 25th of September, wowing its consumers by having a makeover on their entire category of Beauty, renaming it Face + Body, to encapsulate all the unique definitions and varieties of beauty globally. With the make-up line branding their first collection as a ‘focus on freedom of expression’ and merely having fun with all types of makeup, it’s no wonder this makeup cater to all.


ASOS has included in their new online section a showcase of their new products, from eyeshadow pallets to matte lipsticks, as well as additionally displaying a diverse range of other makeup brands. The site further continues to introduce the latest trends, and quirky makeup looks – to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. The campaign photoshoots for the makeup have also been inclusive and a celebration of every skin colour, promoting individual beauty. Claps to ASOS, for understanding what their audience wants.

Good luck and happy shopping.

By Rhianne Cottam-Starkey